Services Offered by Behest Indie Novelist Services


There is nothing more annoying for many readers than sitting down to read what sounds like a great book only to find that itís riddled with typos, spelling mistakes, misused homonyms, and other similar errors. Many of these disgruntled readers then go on to leave disparaging reviews, discouraging both the author and further readers.
At Behest Indie Novelist Services my goal is to help you to eradicate all those errors, giving your readers a smooth reading experience where they can concentrate on enjoying the story that you have created.

Beta Reading

Beta reading is like sending your novel for a test drive before unleashing it to a worldwide readership. A beta reader will help you by giving feedback on the storyline and development, the characters, and the pace of your book. They will also look at such questions as: Do the characters come across as realistic? Are there any holes in the plot, or scenes that donít make sense? Is the ending of the book rushed? Are there questions that remain either unanswered or not answered satisfactorily?
My goal in beta reading is to help you to iron out as many of these issues as possible so that your novel and characters will be well-rounded when they make their debut with the public.

Advice and Guidance on All Things British

It probably hasnít escaped your notice that there is a fascination out there with all things British, both past and present. Downton Abbey and the Regency Romance genre have taken the world by storm, and characters with "cute British accents" are appearing more and more in contemporary fiction. It has been noticed by British readers, however, that books set in the UK written by non-Brits often contain errors concerning many aspects of British life.
If youíre writing a book that takes place in the UK I would love to help you ensure that your novel, whether historical or contemporary, is as accurate and authentic as possible. Iíll give you advice on vocabulary, names, geography, food and drink, nature, culture, forms of address, and anything else that you may wish or need to know.
Please note, I am actually English and have lived in England all my life. My knowledge of Scotland, Wales, and Ireland therefore, is limited to aspects which are common to all parts of the British Isles.

Anachronistic Vocabulary Correction

One of the many wonderful things about being an author is that you can set your book in whatever era you choose, whether that be past, present, or future. Writing a novel that takes place in years gone by has its own particular challenge though: accidental anachronisms. Sadly itís not unusual to come across a review which states that the characters sound too modern, and that vocabulary is being used which is not appropriate to the time period.
If youíre writing a historical novel, I will help you by identifying anachronistic words and phrases, and will suggest alternatives that are more in keeping with the era in which the book is set.

Genres and Constraints

Iím happy to accept fiction of any length (contemporary or historical) in the following genres:
  • General Fiction
  • Chick Lit
  • Family Saga
  • Inspirational Fiction
  • Romance (all genres except paranormal)
  • Cozy Mysteries
  • Young/New Adult (mystery, romance, coming-of age, or similar)
I will also accept biographies/autobiographies
I will not accept:
  • Erotica
  • Books with graphic or excessive sexual content
  • Books with graphic or excessive violence of any kind
  • Books using foul and/or coarse language
I also reserve the right to refuse a book for other reasons.